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TIPP CITY, Ohio – Energy Optimizers, USA, located in Tipp City, Ohio, is assisting the Eaton Community School District, located in Eaton, Ohio, to GO GREEN and SAVE GREEN, Money. The school district is enhancing their school facility’s HVAC systems, lighting systems, kitchen equipment, computer network systems, and air filtration systems, and implementing renewable energy […]

What is de-lamping? De-lamping is when one bulb per set of lights is removed. Greg Smith from Energy Optimizers, USA, took a light reading and found that Tipp High School’s hallway lights were above the 50 foot-candles that are required for classrooms and the hallway code is 35. Even after removing the light bulbs the […]

Several local companies including Energy Optimizers, USA are trying to build excitement and interest in Ohio’s schools regarding energy generation and alternative/sustainable resources. While the US government is taking a serious look at upgrading the network of electrical grids around the country, dollars are pouring into the aging utility industry, revitalizing the ways that people look at […]

Green building professionals like Energy Optimizers, USA are using innovative design, new technologies and onsite renewable energy generation to reduce buildings’ energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

ENERGY STAR® is a joint DOE-EPA program, formed in 1992 as a voluntary, market-based partnership that seeks to reduce air pollution through increased energy efficiency.  DOE and EPA work to offer businesses and consumers energy-efficient solutions to save energy and money, while also helping to protect our environment. More than 12,000 organizations have joined ENERGY […]

If you’re already missing the green of summer, head down to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. The new Historic Vine Street Village entrance at the Cincinnati Zoo helped make it the “greenest” in America. It is the first zoo in the country with multiple Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects and the second zoo in the country to […]

Green Energy Ohio Renewable Energy Tour shows Ohio residents how homes and businesses are investing in energy efficiency, wind, and solar technologies.

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