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Dayton Chamber Plugs into Shale Supply Chain


An article published by the Ohio Shale Coalition. One of our engineers, Brian Abels attend the event at Chesapeake Energy in Canton that was informative and created many more questions as to the opportunities for Ohio and energy exploration.

Brian is pictured second from the right.

Dayton, Ohio is famous for being the home of the Wright brothers and giving Ohio the distinction of being the “Birthplace of Aviation.” But officials there don’t want to be known only for what happens in the air; they also want to be top of mind when it comes to development below the ground.

Situated in western Ohio, the Dayton area doesn’t sit on any part of the Utica shale play that is being developed, but the local chamber of commerce is preparing area businesses to benefit from the shale boom.

“We don’t have that resource,” said Chris Kershner, Vice President of Public Policy and Economic Development for the Dayton Chamber. “But what we do have is a resource that is just as great: a lot of businesses with the skills to be a part of the shale supply chain.”

The Dayton Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Ohio Shale Coalition, is working to connect local businesses with the oil and gas companies operating in the eastern part of the state so they can find new business opportunities. Recently, the chamber took about a dozen of its members to tour an eastern-Ohio oil rig and speak with company representatives about their supply chain needs.

On the tour, chamber members were able to see the drilling equipment and better understand the process of hydraulic fracturing. They also met with procurement officers and managers to learn about how their businesses can accommodate specific needs in the shale supply chain.

“A diverse group of businesses is already engaged in the natural gas shale supply chain or have the business models that make them very attractive to the various shale opportunities,” Kershner said. Two examples are CESO, a civil engineering firm that is providing engineering and surveying for an oil company, and Kelchner Inc, a construction company that is performing excavation and pad preparation for drilling.

The Dayton Chamber of Commerce represents 2,800 businesses. Later this year, the chamber and the Ohio Shale Coalition plan to host a shale supply forum to educate area companies about how to be a part of the natural gas industry.

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