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Three Steps You Can Take to Upgrade to Solar Power in 2019

Man installing solar panels for solar power

Solar power is one of the most exciting and promising technologies of our time. According to information released by the Solar Energy Industries Association, in 2017 alone, solar power produced 17 billion dollars for the American economy. With the solar market booming and the price of solar technology as low as ever, there is no better time to get on the solar energy bandwagon. Here we’ll take a look at a few ways you can take advantage of this compelling new technology.

Consider a Rooftop System

Rooftop solar is becoming increasingly feasible for schools and businesses across the United States. There’s a reason why you see solar panels almost everywhere you go these days. It’s because solar technology is powerful and cost-effective. However, there are several things that you’ll need to consider before having solar panels installed. First, you need to consider how much shade your area gets. Solar panels will be useless if you have trees casting long shadows over your school.

Where you’re located in the country will also play a role. Whether or not solar energy is feasible for you will partially depend on the current electricity prices in your area. Don’t worry too much if you live in a cloudy area. Contrary to popular belief, you can still take advantage of solar power even if you aren’t in a sunny climate. Solar isn’t always the best option for everyone; speak with an expert to get the best possible advice on your unique situation.

While there are various ways to finance solar panels, one popular method is the power purchase agreement. Under a power purchase agreement, you buy the solar energy rather than the entire system. In other words, another company owns the panels on your roof and you purchase the energy that is collected from them. This is a good option if you’re wary about the initial investment of buying a solar power system.

Install Exterior Solar Lights

One way to implement solar technology on a small scale is to install exterior lighting that runs off solar power. Think about how much sunlight your parking lots and outdoor areas get. If this energy could be harnessed and stored in exterior lighting such as streetlights, this could potentially help you save a large chunk of cash on the electricity bill. Luckily, such technologies exist! The beauty of exterior solar lighting is that you can take advantage of that extra solar energy that otherwise would have gone to waste. Not only will you be saving money with an energy efficient solution, but you’ll also make the property around your school safer for nighttime pedestrians.

Buy Solar Powered Gadgets

It sounds like a trivial measure, but the truth is that when it comes to energy savings, every little bit helps. Many companies offer solar powered calculators, which can be a handy solution for students and staff, who won’t constantly have to replace batteries. You might also consider encouraging the use of solar chargers for devices such as laptops and cell phones. Having these types of gadgets can teach students about energy efficiency at an early age. In addition, it will make them appreciate the fact that their energy doesn’t just come from nowhere.

At Energy Optimizers, USA, we help school districts develop cost-effective and energy efficient solutions. To learn how we can help your school save money, please feel free to contact us. Our experts can help you determine the best energy efficiency solutions for your particular situation. By taking advantage of the many benefits of solar energy, not only can you save your school district money, but you’ll also be setting a good example to students and to the community at large.

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