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Eight Benefits of Choosing an Independent Energy Supplier – Part 2 of 2

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Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on why choosing your own power supplier is an important step in optimizing your power bill. Last time we talked about escaping monopoly mentality of local utility companies, the ability to pick exactly the energy plan your facility needs, the benefit of working with a friendly team of energy pros, and of course the financial benefits of shopping around for the best prices and plans.

Join us again today as we pick up where we left off.

5) Competition for Your Business

Of course, one of the best parts about a deregulated energy market is that there is finally competition. Competition is good for business, even service monoliths like electric power or natural gas. In a healthy economy competition keeps each business honest and striving for the patronage of local customers. While this may add some extra element of challenge for independent power suppliers, it always works out best for customers.

Because power suppliers are competing for your business, it’s in their best interests to focus on positive customer experiences. Unlike the regulated utilities who can do what they want and customers have to put up with it, independent power suppliers are far more likely to have agreeable prices, friendly customer service, and reliably transparent billing, precisely because they want you to stick around (and now that you have other options). In fact, competition has been known to even shape up the old utility infrastructure; forcing them to act more like a normal business with valued customers.

6) Your Choice to Go Green

Some businesses build their company culture and their reputation around eco-friendly practices. Office recycling and using recycled products, collecting rainwater to water the grounds, and choosing to work with eco-friendly business partners. In many circles, this is called ‘going green’, though your business may have been green from the very start. Green customers and other green businesses prefer building a world where businesses and the environment can mutually support each other.

For green businesses, energy deregulation is a dream come true. With nothing but the utility company, the electricity your business needs will come from the local power plants. While these can be clean, they often burn fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, and petroleum variants. These are neither renewable nor is the process good for the environment.

With independent power suppliers, you have the opportunity to move away from local power plants; you can contract with a company which gets energy from entirely green sources. With solar panels and wind farms expanding, there’s bound to be several green options for your eco-friendly business.

7) Unique Deal Opportunities

Shopping for a good power supplier is a lot like choosing your insurance policies. You can find a provider you like and stick with them for years, enjoying the reliable and familiar interaction of paying your bill every month. Or you can bargain-hunt. Like insurance agencies, independent power suppliers are frequently offering special deals for new customers which feature lower prices, better rates, and appealing package options.

If your business tends to optimize costs by doing a little price-comparison on services when renewal-time comes round, don’t be shy to do the same for your energy needs! Even if you’re looking for a long-term power supplier, remember to keep an eye out for unique deals that meet the kind of plan you’re looking for at a good price or rate.

8) More Control Over Your Energy Needs

Finally, the greatest thing about having your choice of independent power suppliers is flexibility. With the utility company, you get the prices and plan-options you get, with very little room for changes inside the company itself. But once you start working with independent power suppliers, you will find them not only more receptive to your business needs; but you can also change power suppliers whenever you feel it would be a good move for the business.

Independent power suppliers give you far greater control over your energy needs, from scalable plans to renewable energy. We encourage you to exercise that control by seeking the right energy supplier for your business and keeping your eyes open for ways to improve your energy solution in the years to come. For more energy insights on how to optimize your power bills, contact us today!

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