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Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Have you been considering going solar? More and more companies are moving toward clean energy, and solar is leading the charge. However, sometimes implementing the change to solar power can feel a bit intimidating, and perhaps a little cost-prohibitive. The solution? Solar PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreements). Energy Optimizers, USA offers Solar PPA’s, which we discuss below, to companies who want to move toward solar power. But first, we want to answer a common question we hear: What is solar energy?

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy can exist as solar electric, or solar thermal. Solar electric (photovoltaic) is the typical solar power used in calculators and solar panels; it directly converts sunlight into energy. In many cases, large solar panels can be located on top of school buildings and can reduce electrical costs significantly.

150kW solar array – Kettering Middle School
Conversely, solar thermal converts sunlight into heat, which powers a heat engine that then generates electricity; it is a radiator-type system that circulates water through solar panels to gain heat. This water can be used to reduce the electricity or gas required to heat water for boilers or water heaters. The “radiator” water circulates through heat exchangers to raise the temperature of incoming water and reduces the electricity required to raise the temperature of the water to be used in devices that require warm water.

Solar energy is better for the environment and can produce great cost savings. But sometimes, the costs can feel overwhelming when you’re dealing with a large facility or multiple locations. That’s where a Solar PPA can be helpful.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

With a Solar Power Purchase Agreement, you buy the solar power rather than the solar power system itself. A third party (in this case, Energy Optimizers, USA) develops, owns, and maintains the solar system, which is located on your property, and you purchase the electric output from the system. The benefit of such an arrangement is that you can have a solar system developed on your property with low initial investment with minimal risk and no upfront cost while also paying low energy costs that are typically at or below your normal utility prices.

Plus, you gain the benefit of touting your company or organization as “solar-powered.”

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