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About Energy Optimizers, USA

Energy Optimizers, USA, LLC specializes in developing, engineering, and implementing energy efficiency and energy savings projects for educational, governmental, and commercial customers. Our goal is to reduce our clients’ costs while saving the environment.

Exceeding Expectations

As a family-owned business, Energy Optimizers, USA emphasizes ethics, honesty, customer service, and education with its associates, vendor partners, and customers. By committing ourselves to expressing these values through our high standards of professionalism, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Energy Optimizers, USA is passionate about assisting school districts and local governments in reducing operational costs, so they can use these funds to improve the educational process or provide essential services without raising taxes.

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Our Vision

To improve the world by creating energy independence for our clients.

Our Mission

We reduce our clients’ costs while saving the environment.

Our Values

At Energy Optimizers, USA, we value respect, honesty, integrity, and character, and we are committed to instilling and cultivating these values in our employees.

We believe in and encourage a strong work ethic as well as a focus on camaraderie and teamwork. Also, because we believe in the importance of our friends, families, and communities, we strive to create a safe work environment for our employees and improve the safety of our local businesses, school districts, and local infrastructure.

Because we care about our employees, families, and neighbors, we are dedicated to preserving the world in which they live. We are committed to environmental stewardship not only through our actions but through the services we provide to our customers.

  • Commitment – We will be around AFTER the project is completed. Our staff stays engaged with the district after the project to ensure complete satisfaction and provide support when needed.


  • Energy Education Program designed to engage students in energy and STEM curriculum after project completion.


  • Reputation – customers choose to work with EOU for multiple projects – not just the first one!


As energy professionals, we believe that education and occupant involvement are key components of increasing and sustaining the efficiency of a building. Therefore, we feel that implementing a behavioral and energy education program into the organization is imperative to achieving and maintaining energy conservation goals.

This involvement allows the building occupants to become OWNERS and active participants in the organization’s energy conservation and sustainability goals.

Our business philosophy is simple: “Provide energy conservation and efficiency services that not only meet the expectations of our customers but exceed them.

Our Responsibility

As occupants of our planet, we feel that each person carries the burden of responsibility for our environment, so we can leave this Earth in a condition that our descendants can enjoy for many generations to come.

By increasing the energy efficiency of our facilities, we will significantly reduce the harmful greenhouse carbon emissions associated with generating electricity and burning natural gas and oil.

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