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HVAC Equipment and Renovations

A commercial building’s HVAC system is naturally one of the first systems that facilities personnel examine when looking to minimize energy usage, reduce operational costs, and achieve proper comfort and indoor air quality. Taking a system’s view of HVAC upgrades can help meet those goals.

Energy Optimizers, USA (EOU) looks at each project with the specific goals and needs of the customer in mind. Certain HVAC equipment has simply reached its “end of life” and must be replaced. Other situations may permit upgrades to be made, such as installing variable frequency drives (VFDs) on existing motors or installing economizers on existing air handlers and rooftop units.

EOU considers the following reasons when looking to replace or upgrade HVAC equipment.

  • Existing equipment has reached its “end of life”
  • Building space is being renovated or expanded
  • High service call rate to existing equipment
  • Phase out of older refrigerants (newer refrigerants are environmentally friendly)
  • Greater occupancy comfort
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Increase indoor air quality
  • Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs
When performing our on-site energy audits, EOU looks at every piece of the HVAC system in your building(s) and will find the proper solution that will meet and/or exceed the needs of your building and its occupants.

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