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For the Students

Energy projects within a school expose students to energy efficiency measures and can spark interest in the topic. Upgrades show that schools take their energy efficiency measures seriously, and it can be used as an example for learning programs. Most students learn by using real world examples, so seeing their school making upgrades to reduce their environmental impact will create students motivated to do the same.

Better Learning Environment

  • Boost focus
  • Assist in concentration
  • Improved moods and behaviors
  • Reduced glare to eliminate squinting, discomfort, and vision problems
  • Reduced flickering to make special needs students more comfortable


For the Teachers and Staff

Teachers are already going over and above the call of duty when performing their day to day tasks. Consider the increase in job satisfaction when classrooms are well lit, temperature controlled, and secure.

Energy efficiency will have similar impacts on teachers and school staff as the benefits that a student will have. Due to a better and healthier learning environment for students, the teaching environment will also be greatly improved. Students with increased focus and concentration will assist the teachers in being able to provide a more beneficial education. The health effects of the improved air quality from HVAC system upgrades directly carries over to the teachers and staff along with the students. Safety is another major benefit of upgrading your facilities lighting. LED lighting in parking lots can provide a safer place for teachers to park and to feel secure when walking to and from their vehicles.

Along with providing a better learning and teaching environment, increased awareness of energy efficiency can also be used by teachers as a great learning tool for their students. Teachers will have a better understanding of energy efficiency and be able to get the students involved with helping to conserve energy and save money.

  • Improved student concentration and comfort
  • Improved air quality
  • Safely lit parking areas
  • Increased sense of security
  • Projects are an example to be used in conservation lessons


For the Facilities

There are numerous benefits of implementing an energy project to your facility. Easily managed buildings from lighting to HVAC, reduced cost of maintenance, as well as utility bills, improved comfort for all occupants, and a healthier learning environment are all benefits that your facility will realize.

Along with the tangible benefits that your facility will gain, there are also external benefits. Schools, businesses, or local government offices that emphasize energy efficiency can benefit from press releases and public relations within the community and among other local businesses.


For the Community

Energy costs are second to only personnel costs as the top draw on K-12 budgets. By implementing an energy savings project, up to 25% of the energy costs in a school can be saved. Not only do these savings benefit the school, they also benefit the community.

  • Jobs are created within the community
  • Materials can be purchased from local suppliers
  • Manufacturing of lighting and HVAC equipment is increased
  • Reduced costs for school districts mean they can operate with less money
  • Operating with less money means schools would not have to collect as much money in taxes
  • Paying less in taxes for the American taxpayer means more money in the local taxpayer’s pockets


For the Commercial Customers

We offer turnkey facility upgrades for commercial customers to reduce maintenance and electrical costs. Our commercial audits are paid audits, but the cost of these are waived if they result in a project being completed with your company. While our main concern is reducing your costs with more efficient equipment, we can help get any upgrades completed.

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