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Energy Auditing

Energy audits are a fundamental step in reducing your energy costs and the only way to objectively identify cost-saving opportunities.

Our auditing system provides our customers with the details they need to make educated decisions. Our reports are vendor-neutral, comprehensive ASHRAE Level 2 energy audits, and include the following:

  • 24-month utility billing analysis for electricity and natural gas usage and cost
  • Energy & facility benchmarking
  • Energy Star portfolio manager reports for each facility
  • Facility walk-through and on-site data collection
  • Energy conservation opportunities identified
  • Financial analysis of energy savings opportunities
  • Grant, rebate, and tax-reduction identification
  • Written facility analysis and energy audit report
  • On-site meeting to review and discuss the facility analysis and energy audit report

Special Programs

Energy Audit for Kentucky School Districts

Comprehensive energy solutions start with an energy & lighting audit

EO Comprehensive Audit Flyer
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Paid Commercial Audits

For commercial customers, we offer paid ASHRAE Level 2 energy audits based on the square footage of the building(s) being looked at. Our engineers will analyze the energy usage in the buildings as well as collect temperature and humidity readings to analyze the efficiency of the HVAC systems in place. Using the information collected from the audit, the Project Development team will create a menu of suggested upgrades to reduce maintenance and energy costs within the facility. If a customer decides to follow through with a suggested project, the cost of the audit will be waived.

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