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Our Team

  • David Eshbaugh
    General Manager

  • Belinda Kenley
    VP and Director of Sales and Business Development

  • Doug Trimbach
    VP and Director of Lighting Sales

  • Chris Zimmick

    Chris Zimmick
    Finance Director

  • Nyles Anderson

    Nyles Anderson
    Lighting Installer

  • Jill Anthony

    Jill Anthony
    Project Administrator

  • Tanner Ayers

    Tanner Ayers
    Energy Engineer

  • Zach Baker

    Zach Baker
    Energy Engineer

  • John Beckemeyer

    John Beckemeyer
    Project Manager and Business Development

  • Rusty Bookman
    Account Executive

  • Tim Boyd

    Tim Boyd
    Lighting Specialist

  • Aaron Brotherton

    Aaron Brotherton
    Project Manager

  • Brandon Burns

    Brandon Burns
    Energy Engineer

  • Mark Eshbaugh

    Mark Eshbaugh
    Project Manager and Controls Specialist

  • Brittainy Flanagan

    Brittainy Flanagan
    Senior Project Manager

  • Zach Lentz

    Zachary Lentz
    Lighting Specialist

  • Sara Little

    Sara Little
    Sales and Business Development Coordinator

  • Justin Ost

    Justin Ost
    Sales Executive

  • Randy Overholser

    Randy Overholser
    Project Manager

  • Brandon Pennington

    Brandon Pennington
    Lighting Specialist

  • Sarah Shafer

    Sarah Shafer
    Administrative Assistant

  • Dylan Thomas
    Senior Lighting Auditor

  • Jerome Vernon-Day

    Jerome Vernon-Day
    Lighting Installer

  • Kerstin Wilson

    Kerstin Wilson
    Senior Account Executive

  • Dave Burns

    Dave Burns
    Senior Account Executive

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