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Demand Response (PLC)

Demand response provides an opportunity for consumers to play a significant role in the operation of the electric grid by reducing or shifting their electricity usage during peak periods in response to time-based rates or other forms of financial incentives.

This program, offered by PJM, is a relatively easy way to receive payments for a few brief load interruptions throughout the year. Energy Optimizers, USA will work with your facility to determine the best response provider and educate facility staff on the rules and regulations of the program.

What is Demand Response?

Emergency dispatches occur when the demand for electricity in your community threatens to outstrip the supply, creating a reliability issue.

This situation often occurs on extremely hot days in the summer when increased HVAC usage causes demand to reach unusually high levels, typically resulting in transmission congestion. In other cases, DR dispatches can be caused by a reduction in available supply from, for example, a generator or power plant tripping offline or running out of fuel. In either case, very specific reliability conditions have to be met in order for PJM to dispatch its DR network.

When dispatched, you are responding to a very real grid emergency. Your participation is critical for ensuring that the lights stay on in your community.

Energy Optimizers, USA has extensive experience working with DR credible vendors and creating reduction strategies that work within the operational limitations of a wide variety of unique facilities, including schools, manufacturers, universities, office buildings, and more. Common reduction examples include:

  • Reduce non-essential lighting
  • Modify manufacturing processes
  • Adjust HVAC equipment
  • Dial back pumps
  • Change settings in industrial freezers
Our customers find that their energy-intensive processes can simply be shifted by a few hours to facilitate dispatch participation. Ask us about our experience working with customers like you.

How does it work?
  • Energy experts will work with you to identify your energy reduction potential and create a strategy that delivers maximum value with minimum impact on your operations. The vendor will outline these measures in a detailed participation plan.
  • We may install necessary metering devices at your facility to establish communications, so we can monitor your energy consumption levels in real-time.
  • Your site is then enrolled and ready to respond if and when a dispatch begins. At any time during a dispatch, you can log in to view your performance in real-time. Throughout the process, the vendor will fully manage enrollment, measurement, verification, and payments on your behalf.

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