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Utility Rebates

Many business owners want to increase energy efficiency and contribute to clean energy initiatives, but the upfront costs can be a significant barrier to this process. With so many other expenses to attend to, does making large changes to your existing systems make sense?
The short answer: yes.

Cost Savings

The services we provide, such as controls and building automation, energy monitoring services, and LED lighting retrofits, may include an upfront cost, but they also provide energy savings that make up for that cost over time. Initial investments in lighting retrofits are returned within 2-3 years, and our controls and building automation, as well as our energy monitoring services, offer yearly cost savings.

But in addition to these savings over time, you may be able to realize immediate savings through your local utility companies, electric cooperatives, and other organizations. It’s through their efforts to promote energy efficiency and decrease pollution; these companies offer financial incentives—utility rebates—on energy-efficient improvement packages and other measures.

Utility Rebates

When implementing efficiency upgrades, business owners should look for available financial incentives and rebates to maximize their return on investment. Currently some of the gas and electric companies in the State of Ohio are offering rebates. Many of these companies have not announced their rebate programs for 2024, but as always, we monitor this for you to ensure you are able to receive all rebates that are available for your project.

These rebates essentially translate to a faster payback period, making a project look more financially attractive.

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