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First Energy Ohio Rebate Program


Rebates Include:

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  • HVAC
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Energy Optimizers, USA is a First Energy Program Network Ally


Energy Optimizers, USA, named DP&L Channel Partner of the Year

TIPP CITY, Ohio, April 14, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Energy Optimizers, USA, has been selected as a Dayton Power & Light Channel Partner of the Year for 2015.

DP&L’s Channel Partners are businesses that are familiar with the DP&L rebate process and can assist businesses, public organizations and homeowners with selecting and installing energy efficient equipment. Energy Optimizers, USA, earned the coveted Channel Partner of the Year award for consulting on 41 energy reduction projects during 2015, ultimately helping DP&L customers save more than 2.4 million kilowatt hours of energy and obtain $301,506 in rebates. The Tipp City-based company has generated more than $950,366 in DP&L rebates for its clients since the Channel Partner program was launched in 2009.

“We are honored to be recognized for our work to help our clients make better use of their funds while improving their stewardship of natural resources,” said Greg Smith, president of Energy Optimizers, USA. “The majority of our clients are public schools and government agencies, which makes pursuing every cost savings opportunity that much more critical. Every dollar they save through energy efficient measures and DP&L’s rebate programs benefits not just their bottom line, but that of their communities, as well.”

Smith emphasized that the award reflects a team-based approach to placing the clients’ needs first.

“We have an incredibly talented and motivated team of engineers and program managers who are committed to finding innovative ways to help our clients reduce costs while saving the environment,” Smith said.

“DP&L Channel Partners are key contributors to the success of our energy efficiency programs,” said Tom Tatham, DP&L Director of Strategic Accounts. “We rely on their expertise to educate our business and government customers in making smart efficiency decisions. Energy Optimizers, USA has been very active in the program and we applaud their efforts to help our customers save energy and protect the environment.”

Founded in 2009, Energy Optimizers, USA, specializes in helping schools and government agencies identify, finance and implement energy saving projects. The company has helped more than 90 school districts and local government entities free up operational funds by improving energy efficiency and energy conservation. The company also promotes energy conservation education and career development in the energy management field.

About Energy Optimizers, USA:
Energy Optimizers, USA works with educational, governmental, commercial and industrial customers to implement energy savings opportunities to reduce operational costs, including lighting retrofits, renewable energy projects (wind and solar), HVAC retrofit projects, building automation retrofits and energy education programs. The company is ranked in the Top 500 of INC. Magazine’s list of 5,000 fastest growing companies in the U.S. (2014), was named the Fastest Growing Company in the region for two consecutive years by the Dayton Business Journal (2013, 2014), and was named a BBB Eclipse Integrity Award Finalist (2012).

To learn more about Energy Optimizers, USA, visit their website at https://energyoptusa.com or call them at (937) 877-1919.


Greg Smith Quoted in Ohio Clean Energy Report

Energy Future Report Calls for Clean Power Plan Compliance, End of ‘Freeze’

The statewide tour of Ohio’s Energy Future issued its final report Wednesday after a 10-month outreach running nearly as long as the current legislative “freeze” on advanced energy mandates that the tour has sought to answer. Its conclusions come as no surprise: renewable energy and energy efficiency (EE) standards should be reinstated; mandates should seek compliance with the federal Clean Power Plan; distributed generation and other forms of decentralized supply should be increased; and strict setback requirements for wind farms should be repealed.

The Energy Future tour, a collaboration of businesses, trade associations, nonprofits and local governments, said those goals are backed by a diverse group of supporters including representatives of advanced energy, manufacturing, institutions of higher learning, public health, agriculture, banks, foundations and financial portfolio managers, evidenced by their participation at six regional forums in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Cincinnati and Athens beginning last November.

“Frustration with public policy changes that impede the continued emergence of this industry could be seen in all sectors across the state,” the report said in a veiled reference to energy “freeze” 130-SB310 (Balderson). “Over the course of the tour, Ohioans repeatedly expressed their support for strong clean energy policies that grow the economy in Ohio, create jobs, generate tax revenue and protect public health and the environment.”

President Greg Smith of Energy Optimizers, who joined a press call on the final report with Dale Arnold, director of energy, utility and local government policy for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF), said renewables, EE and other advanced energy mandates under 127-SB221 (Schuler) were working just fine before the Legislature passed and the governor signed SB310.

“We question the need to review the standards for this extended period since they were helping lower costs and create jobs,” Smith said.

Another participant, Stu Dalheim, vice president for shareholder advocacy at Calvert Investments, noted that many Fortune 100 companies have recognized the upside of clean energy with new investments, while businesses like Amazon, Facebook, Google and eBay are seeking energy independence through new technology.

“This is especially true for the proliferation of data centers across the country, as nearly all technology companies have sustainability goals to be 100 percent powered by renewable energy by certain dates in time,” the report said.

Ohio’s Energy Future said the old way of producing, distributing and consuming electricity no longer meets the needs of many consumers, including businesses.

“Policies that continue to favor the traditional system undermine the emerging competitive market for generating and using energy in innovative ways,” it said. “Larger commercial and industrial consumers can enhance reliability and realize costs savings through installation of distributed generation, and smaller businesses and residents can exercise greater control over the source and price of electricity through community aggregation.”

Arnold said “decentralized” sources of energy are of particular interest to the agriculture community in Ohio.

Participants in the press call were asked about either side of the “level playing field” debate between fossil fuel and renewable sources. Dalheim reiterated the point that the oil and gas industry had long enjoyed government incentives, which Vice President Greg Steenrod of GEM Energy said are particularly effective at the front end of energy investments. He turned that analysis to solar energy.

“Yes, you would see the cost has decreased significantly, but it’s too early to stop [the mandates],” Steenrod said.

Participants were also asked about certain advantages enjoyed by fossil fuel generators, including various electric bill riders and Ohio severance tax rates well below those of other states — the latter noted by Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) of the Energy Mandates Study Committee. (See The Hannah Report, 6/1/15.) They passed on the question.

Energy Future’s full report and executive summary can be found on the Hannah News homepage at www.hannah.com > Important New Documents.

Story originally published in The Hannah Report on September 9, 2015. Copyright 2015 Hannah News Service, Inc.


Lighting Optimizers Reduces Costs with Green Alternatives

Lighting Optimizers, USA provides a whole host of services that create savings for your organization including:

  • Lighting Audits and Engineering
  • Turn-Key Lighting Retrofit Solutions
  • Rebate & Tax Incentive Acquisition
  • Lighting Design Consultation
  • LED Technologies
  • Occupancy Sensors & Lighting Controls

Contact Lighting Optimizers today for more information: Lighting Optimizers, USA 3800 Lightner Rd. Vandalia, OH 45377, USA Phone: (937) 877-1274 email: info@lightingoptusa.com


Oak Hill Union Local Schools Save Taxpayers $156,902 in One Year Through Energy Conservation Measures

TIPP CITY, Ohio, April 23, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – Michael McCoy, Superintendent of Oak Hill Union Local Schools, is pleased to announce that the District has saved $156,902 during the first year after implementing an energy conservation project with Energy Optimizers, USA, a Tipp City, Ohio based company.

“The Oak Hill Union Local Schools maintenance staff has worked with Energy Optimizers, USA to ensure that the taxpayers’ investment in the energy savings project started in 2012 has not only been achieved but has greatly exceeded the estimates. That is a testament to our staff’s dedication to ensuring that we operate our facilities as efficiently and effectively as possible,” says McCoy.

Energy Optimizers, USA and school personnel identified numerous opportunities to improve the facilities’ HVAC equipment, building controls, and lighting. Original estimated energy savings were $97,799 for the first year, but in reality, $156,902 has been saved during from January 2013 through December 2013 – achieving more than 50 percent above original estimates. The savings have been normalized for changes in weather as well as fluctuating energy cost rates.

The District utilized a funding mechanism through the Ohio School Facilities Commission’s House Bill 264 program so that the District did not have to ask for any taxpayer dollars.

Energy Optimizers, USA performed lighting retrofits to increase light levels in all buildings, including installation of occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and replacing gymnasium lighting fixtures with highly efficient ones. The District added HVAC controls and advanced energy management programming in all buildings to allow for real-time energy management and to improve control and comfort. Other energy conservation measures installed include kitchen exhaust efficiency retrofits, boiler controls optimization, and dynamic air filtration for classroom air handling units.

The carbon offset for these energy savings measures reflect a total of nearly 300 acres of trees and the equivalent of more than 200 cars taken off the road. The buildings have become more purposeful in the use of energy without compromising a comfortable learning environment for teachers and students.

About Energy Optimizers, USA:

Energy Optimizers, USA, based in Tipp City, Ohio, works with Ohio school districts and government agencies to implement energy savings opportunities to reduce operational costs, including lighting retrofits, renewable energy projects (wind and solar), HVAC retrofit projects, building automation retrofits and energy education programs.

To learn more about Energy Optimizers, USA, visit their website at https://energyoptusa.com/ or call them at (937) 877-1919.

NEWS SOURCE: Energy Optimizers, USA


Trotwood-Madison City Schools expects to save more than $200,000 annually through partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA

Tipp City, Ohio (June 17, 2014)—Trotwood-Madison City Schools has partnered with Energy Optimizers, USA to complete an energy conservation project that is expected to save the district $205,586 annually, allowing for more dollars to be directed to the classroom.

By upgrading the lighting, building controls and air filtration systems at all six of its buildings, Trotwood-Madison will significantly reduce its utility and related maintenance costs while improving air quality and lighting. Funding is provided through the Ohio School Facilities Commission’s House Bill 264 program, enabling the district to make these cost-cutting improvements at no expense to taxpayers.

“We strive to stretch taxpayer dollars as far as we can, and this is an easy solution that will free up more dollars for our students and make our classrooms more conducive to learning through better lighting and indoor air quality,” said Superintendent Kevin Bell. “Our partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA is resulting in smart decisions regarding immediate cost savings that will benefit all of our stakeholders—students, staff, and taxpayers—today and long into the future.”

Through this partnership, Energy Optimizers, USA will:

  • Replace interior lighting with more efficient lamps and remove unneeded lamps to cut waste
  • Replace exterior lighting with LED technology to improve energy efficiency while enhancing building safety, appearance and security
  • Install occupancy sensors to reduce wasted electricity
  • Install advanced energy management controls to provide real-time, web-based monitoring and management of the district’s HVAC systems
  • Install dynamic air filtration to improve indoor air quality and decrease maintenance- and energy-related costs
  • Install energy-saving features to the kitchen exhaust fans and coolers.

Energy Optimizers, USA will additionally commission existing HVAC equipment and provide maintenance services for a three-year period to ensure the district’s systems are operating at peak performance. The payback period is just over 9.65 years, and the carbon savings alone will be equivalent to eliminating 379 cars from the road.

“Significant enhancements have been made to lighting, automated controls and HVAC systems since Trotwood-Madison’s buildings were constructed,” said Greg Smith, president of Energy Optimizers, USA. “This is a great time for the district to upgrade their systems. They are going to see a significant savings in taxpayer dollars—all at no cost to taxpayers.”

The partnership also includes the resources to launch a Green Team, an energy education effort that Energy Optimizers, USA promotes on all of its school-related energy conservation projects. In addition to funding the team for two years, Energy Optimizers, USA will provide Ohio Energy Project academic materials that are aligned to Ohio’s academic content standards. Green Team members will take part in STEM-related activities that are focused on energy conservation, while encouraging their peers to become more environmentally conscious.

“This is the 50th district we have helped direct more dollars to the classroom through relatively simple improvements to energy efficiency,” said Bob Hausmann, Director of Operations for Energy Optimizers, USA. “This project will generate many positive outcomes for staff, students and taxpayers as the district makes not only making positive changes to conserve both energy and taxpayer resources, but to also develop better, more efficient facilities.”

About Energy Optimizers, USA

Energy Optimizers, USA works with Ohio school districts and government agencies to implement energy savings opportunities to reduce operational costs, including lighting retrofits, renewable energy projects (wind and solar), HVAC retrofit projects, building automation retrofits and energy education programs.  To learn more about Energy Optimizers, USA, visit their website at https://energyoptusa.com or call them at (937) 877-1919.


Belinda Kenley to Speak at Southeast Clean Energy Roundtable June 21st

clean energyThe Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs and the Ohio Business Council for a Clean Economy has welcomed Belinda Kenley of Energy Optimizers, USA to speak during their clean energy series of business roundtable sessions to Appalachia Ohio.

Speakers at the clean energy roundtable will be presenting the newest in energy efficiency initiatives and clean energy technologies that are being incorporated into K-12 school institution, commercial and industrial business models to increase profit and reduce energy consumption.

Attendees will have the chance to network with their industry peers.

Click Here to review the agenda as well as find out how to Register to Attend this Zanesville, Ohio event.

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