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Dayton Independent School District

Dayton, KY

Project Cost:   $996,130
Annual Savings:   $76,128
Project Scope:
  • Improve Interior & Exterior Lighting (All LED)
  • Solar Rooftop PV System at High School
  • Upgrade Controls
  • Replace Condensing Boiler at High School
  • Install Variable Frequency Drivers
  • Install Programmable Thermostats
  • Upgrade Block Heater Controls for Bus Terminals

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Dayton ISD


“We are building for the future by making smarter use of our energy and our operational dollars. We will reduce our energy use and cut our utility bills, all without cost to our local taxpayers. The money we save will go right back into serving our students. That’s a win for our community all the way around.”
– Ron Kinmon, Director of Student Services

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