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Phase II and Phase III Energy Savings Projects

Dayton Public School District

Dayton, Ohio

Annual Savings:   $458,503
Energy And Environmental Savings:

Annual Energy/Environmental Savings

Dayton Public Schools Phase 2 - 3 Annual Energy/Environmental Savings

Combined Project Energy Savings Data

Savings Measure Total Savings Carbon Offset
Interior Lighting Retrofits – Phase II $203,039 722 Acres of Trees
Exterior Lighting Retrofits – Phase II $14,273 51 Acres of Trees
Interior Lighting Retrofits – Phase III $205,125 729 Acres of Trees
Exterior Lighting Retrofits – Phase III $31,072 110 Acres of Trees
BAS – Ponitz $4,994 18 Acres of Trees
Annual Project Totals $458,503 1,630 Acres of Trees
Energy Cost Savings:   $458,503
Project Scope:

LED Upgrade Benefits

  • Improved Safety and Security Conditions
  • Higher Kelvin Color Temperature in Order to Closely Mimic Natural Sunlight
  • Crisper Light Which Enhances Color Rendering as well as Contrast When Reading
  • LED is a Solid-State Lighting System and Eliminates the Hum & Flicker Associated with Fluorescent Systems. Ideal Lighting for our Special Needs Students

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Dayton Public Schools Phase 2 - 3

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