Dayton, Ohio | Florence, Kentucky

Livingston Health Care & Rehabilitation Center

Washington Township, OH

Project Cost:   $447,675
Project Scope:

Solar PV System

  • 149.3 kW roof mounted system
  • Expected generation of 200,398 kWh/yr
  • Approximately 6.3-year simple payback after tax benefits
  • Return on Investment = 15.87%

Solar Thermal Water Heating System

  • Preheats water for hot water at approximately 90˚ F and stores in 120 gallon holding tank to be drawn into hot water delivery system
  • Value of generation, based on projected offset of natural gas water heating costs = $10,400/yr
  • Approximately 1-year simple payback after tax benefits
  • ROI = 98%

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Livingston Health Care & Rehabilitation Center


“We wanted to expand the Livingston Health Care Center, shortly after acquiring it. The project has been in the works for some time. This is something that is a little different, but it’s going to make this center easier to run and less expensive over the long haul.”

Harold Sosna
President, Premier Health Care Management

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