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Kettering City Schools Saves More Than $900,000

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Kettering City Schools saves more than $900,000 in utility costs over a three-year period through project with Energy Optimizers, USA

Just three years after partnering with Energy Optimizers, USA, on an ambitious energy improvement project, Kettering City Schools has saved more than $900,000 in utility costs.

The district’s energy performance for the period running March 1, 2016, through February 1, 2017, came in higher than estimated for the second year in a row. During this period, the district saved more than $317,000 in utility bills, far exceeding the initial projections of $193,000 in savings. Electric consumption was reduced by 17.9 percent and gas consumption was reduced by more than 29 percent. The savings are normalized, or adjusted to account for outliers in weather conditions and costs.

As a result of its tremendous energy performance, the district will receive a rebate of more than $461,000 from DP&L.

“We set out to invest in the best, most fiscally responsible energy conservation measures that we could, and clearly they are paying off,” said Ken Lackey, director of business services for Kettering City Schools. “The projects we have partnered with Energy Optimizers, USA, on are enabling us to make smarter use of our utilities, which in turn makes for better investment of taxpayer dollars.”

The project, which began in 2013, included interior and exterior lighting retrofits, district-wide controls commissioning, advanced energy management programming and Energy Star certifications. In 2016, the district tapped Energy Optimizers, USA, to install a 150kW solar photovoltaic system at Kettering Middle School. The system has produced 161,281kWh to date.

This year, the district overhauled its interior lighting with LED systems. In addition to producing a superior quality of light, the LEDs will deliver approximately $151,000 annually in electrical savings. The lights will likely save more after maintenance and operation costs are factored in because LEDs can last up to 20 years.



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