632 E. First Street, Dayton, OH 45402

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools

60 E. South Street Bellbrook, Ohio 45305

Project Cost:   $1.7M
Annual Savings:   $178,375
Positive Annual Cash Flow:   $39,863
Simple Payback:   9.39 years
Energy And Environmental Savings:
  • Electrical Savings – 982,316 kWh
  • Fuel Savings – 7,005 MMBtu
  • Cars Taken off the Road – 307
  • Acres of Trees – 468
  • Year Implemented – 2015
Energy Cost Savings:   $39,863
Project Scope:
  • LED Interior Lighting Retrofits
  • Exterior LED Lighting
  • Building Controls Upgrades
  • Mechanical System Upgrades
  • Smart Controls in Kitchen Appliances
  • Energy Education Program

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“We launched this project because we are committed to making the best, most cost-effective use of tax dollars possible. Moving to all-LED lighting made sense. We wanted to take a proactive approach to energy savings and put in place the latest technology, rather than continue to rely on lighting systems that are – or will soon be – obsolete.”
Dr. Keith St. Pierre

“This is a very substantial and concrete commitment by the district’s school board and administration to the students and taxpayers of their community… The district will be positioned for both immediate and long-term financial savings, all of which will benefit the students and, by extension, taxpayers.”
State Representative Richard Perales