Dayton, Ohio | Florence, Kentucky

Fort Frye Local Schools

Beverly, Ohio

Project Cost:   $435,243
Annual Savings:   $47,451
Positive Annual Cash Flow:   $10,850
Energy And Environmental Savings:
  • Electrical Savings – 349,583 kWh
  • Cars Taken off the Road – 74
  • Acres of Trees – 113
  • Year Implemented – 2017
Project Scope:
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Retrofits
  • Controls Upgrades
  • Advanced Energy Management Strategies

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“We are so excited about the opportunity to save more than $47,000 a year in electrical savings while improving the facilities. Energy Optimizers, USA has worked closely with our team throughout the entire project, and we are very pleased with the results.”

Dr. Stephanie Starcher

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