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Lima City School District

Lima, Ohio

Project Cost:   $2,500,000
Annual Savings:   $286,770
Positive Annual Cash Flow:   $78,477
Simple Payback:   8.64 years
Energy And Environmental Savings:
  • Electrical Savings – 1,724,380 kWh
  • Fuel Savings – 4,113 MMBtu
  • Cars Taken off the Road – 421
  • Acres of Trees – 642
  • Year Implemented – 2015
Project Scope:
  • LED Interior Lighting Retrofits
  • Exterior LED Lighting
  • Building Controls Upgrades
  • Mechanical System Upgrades
  • Smart Controls in Kitchen Appliances
  • Energy Education Program

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“This is a tremendous opportunity to improve our operational efficiency and learning environments. As the largest district in the county, we feel it’s imperative that we demonstrate to our students and our community that we are making wise use of both our natural and our financial resources.”

Jill Ackerman

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