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Oak Hills Local School District has worked with Energy Optimizer, USA since 2015. We hired them to do a $4 million House Bill 264 energy efficiency project, which included interior and exterior lighting,
building controls, HVAC upgrades and numerous other measures to make our buildings more energy efficient and comfortable. They didn’t just do the project and leave -they continue to be our partner.

As far as project results, we have been extremely pleased with the energy savings achieved so far. After one year, gas consumption is down 20% and electric consumption is reduced by 23%, reflecting a $350,000 savings in actual normalized utility costs. Our buildings are more comfortable and building functions more reliable.
We strongly recommend hiring Energy Optimizers, USA for any energy efficiency projects, including LED lighting projects. They stand behind their work, never issued a change order, and continue to be engaged with our district in numerous ways. Read more…

~John L. Beckemeyer
-  Director of Operations, Oak Hill Local Schools

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