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South Central Local Schools saves more than $104,000 in utility costs through partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA


South Central Local Schools’ bid to reduce costs by improving energy efficiency has saved the district more than $104,000 in utility costs over a three-year period, Energy Optimizers, USA, has found.

In May of 2013, the district partnered with Energy Optimizers, USA, to retrofit its lighting systems with lower wattage fluorescents and to make energy efficient upgrades to the district’s kitchens.

Prior to the project, the district spent approximately $127,000 annually on energy expenses. Three years after the project’s completion, annual utility costs are coming in at $101,450 and electrical consumption is down 31.3 percent. The savings are normalized for weather.

“We have accomplished exactly what we set out to do—improve our learning environments while lowering our operational costs,” said South Central Local Treasurer Chris Warrick. “Thanks to our partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA, we are able to make a better investment by redirecting our dollars from our utilities to our classrooms.”

The majority of the work was funded through the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission’s House Bill 264 program, enabling the district to make its cost-cutting improvements at no expense to taxpayers while ensuring the guaranteed savings of the project were met or exceeded. The energy savings were guaranteed by Energy Optimizers, USA, for three years.

“Every project is an opportunity for our team to find simple but effective solutions that help our clients reduce their costs, improve the quality of lighting and comfort in their buildings, and save the environment,” said Julie Birchfield, Energy Optimizers, USA, Customer Outreach Manager. “South Central Local’s leadership seized an opportunity to invest in the future and it is paying excellent dividends. That’s a return on an investment that was made at no additional cost to the community.”

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