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Energy Optimizers, USA has saved Eaton Community Schools more than $249,500 in energy and maintenance costs annually.

Brad Neavin, Former Superintendent, Eaton Community Schools

Energy Optimizers, USA and its experienced team have made   the process of doing a House Bill project very straight forward and   easy, explaining every step involved and working with us to make sure   that we are comfortable with the project.

Phil Howard, Jackson City Schools Superintendent

Energy Optimizers, USA supported us throughout the project   financing phase, making it a fairly simple process from the Treasurer’s point of view.

Randy Harvey, Retired Superintendent, Covington Exempted Village Schools

The Energy Optimizers, USA team has been very low-pressure   in their approach to helping us determine what is best for our district   throughout the sales process.  They are not pushy “salesmen” but instead   have worked to meet our district needs.  They have been very   accommodating and responsive in addressing our questions and concerns.

Andy Morr, Superintendent, Edgerton Local Schools

Energy Optimizers, USA and SchoolDude share the same vision   and passion for helping under-funded and understaffed educational   organizations find ways to save money and manage their operations. Greg   offers the knowledge, relationships, and resources that schools need to   operate in this economy.

Bryan Coble, schooldude.com

Energy Optimizers, USA has been a great partner to us in   identifying energy savings potential with various clients. Their ability   to look at opportunities to reduce energy costs on a macro level helps   us to focus on the areas that we can add the most value to their projects.

Brenden Gitzinger

The planned energy savings combined with the swift payback   period made the decision to go with Energy Optimizers, USA’s Energy   Management Plan the right one.

Greg Puthoff

I would be remiss if I did not thank Energy Optimizers, USA   for costs incurred in the re-lamping of the two gymnasiums at   Springfield High School. The financial obligation assumed by your   company under the HB264 Phase II Project is deeply appreciated; and   obviously is a direct benefit to the Springfield School District. Your   generosity in spirit.. and in purse.. will make it possible for the   district to expend its funds on curriculum and instructional materials   and increase student achievement.

Michael Whitfield

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