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IRCam Pro

IRCam Pro, a facial recognition-based thermal scanner, combines AI technology with infrared thermal imaging technology—a high precision body temperature measurement technology for continuous, contactless, non-invasive, and accurate temperature monitoring. The dual 2MP cameras with f/1.6 super-large aperture and automatic white balance provide rich detail even in low-light conditions. The state-of-the-art Heimann infrared sensor delivers precise real-time temperature measurements while detecting people with abnormal temperatures with an accuracy typically lower than ±0.4°F.

AI-based realtime facial identification

The powerfully efficient MSM8953 Octa-Core processor enables dynamic tracking and real-time facial recognition on IRCam Pro devices, supporting both 1:1 and 1:N identification achieve a hit rate of 99%.

Smart camera with HDR

A unique algorithm that integrates AI and deep learning to enable simultaneous multiple face recognition in different angles and lighting conditions.

Thermal Imaging Module

The infrared thermopile array sensors developed and produced by Heimann Sensors GmbH, provide precise real-time temperature measurements in the range of 50°F – 107.6°F with an accuracy lower than ±0.4°F. The sensor has a 90° field of view and provides highly reliable measurements even in harsh environmental conditions.

Unlimited flexibility

The Flexible mounting system mounts IRCam Pro both on walls and access control doors, eliminating clutter from the service area.

Database of 1 million face identification records

The device can store a million face identification records and 30,000 cases, enabling face recognition in real-time by comparing the faces detected on the video stream with the existing database.

Access control with voice broadcast

IRCam Pro can perform fever screening with voice broadcast and is ideal for preliminary screening in border checkpoints, transportation hubs, retail and educational institutions.

Contactless thermal measurement

Detects the body temperature by accurately locating the forehead area and supports non-contact temperature measurement at a distance of 1 to 3.2 ft.

IP65 Waterproof

IP65 rated, semi-outdoor use; dust-tight; waterproof

WDTN’s Aliah Williamson reports on our brand-new IRCam Pro:

Energy Optimizers, USA is making a facial-recognition infrared thermal scanner called IRCam Pro available for schools, businesses, and hospitals in the Miami Valley. The no-contact machine can detect a person’s temperature while also determining if that person is wearing a mask or is a stranger to the building.

While the IRCam Pro technology can be useful for businesses or hospitals, school administrators are looking closely to use the technology for school.

“[IRCam Pro] is the type of technology that would help us enter into the 21st century,” said Shannon Cox, superintendent of the Montgomery County Educational Center. “This would allow us to make certain that we’re not just taking into consideration ‘in the midst of COVID,’ but we also need to make sure that we’re keeping our kids safe forever. So the fact that this has safety and security features, that would be an added benefit to all of us.”

IRCam Pro technology could also be used to take attendance of students and staff.

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