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HB 300/295/420 Ohio Government

Running a local government can be very challenging. Your citizens have competing needs and desires, and your budget simply can’t accommodate them all.

Deciding which initiatives should be funding priorities can involve long, heated battles and result in many disappointed, if not angry, citizens.

Fortunately, Ohio’s House Bills 300, 295, and 420 can help stretch your budget a bit and open new opportunities.

These house bills are funding mechanisms that allow local governments to implement facility upgrades and pay for the project with the energy savings over a 10-30-year period. That means you can improve your city, town, or municipality at no cost to taxpayers.

As a bonus, these funding mechanisms do not require passing a levy or bond issue for a loan, meaning you can get to work more quickly. And they do not count against overall indebtedness, so you can enjoy your projects without the increased burden of debt.

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