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HB 7 Ohio Colleges and Universities

What is HB7?

One of the challenges of higher education is keeping campus facilities updated when the budget is thin. Fortunately, Ohio’s House Bill 7 provides funding mechanisms that allow colleges and universities to implement facility upgrades and pay for the project with the energy savings over a 20-year period. By taking advantage of this helpful piece of legislation, colleges and universities can keep costs down while improving campus facilities.

To participate in the program, your campus must be over 5,000 square feet and have an HVAC system, and the projected construction costs must exceed $500,000. To gain the funding advantages, your project must result in the achievement one of the following:

  • LEED Silver Certification (or higher) through USGBC
  • Two Green Globes Certification (or higher) from GGE, or;
  • Another design standard determined by the Director of Administrative Services

Additional Requirements

By the end of the project, your campus must meet ONE of two energy efficiency standards: either you must exceed current ASHRAE efficiency standards by at least 30%, or you must achieve a national energy performance rating of not less than 77 using the Energy Star rating system developed by the United States EPA, as validated by a professional engineer.

Energy Optimizers, USA can help you achieve these goals.

Why Choose Energy Optimizers, USA?

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