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Energy Education Programs

Energy Optimizers, USA understands the importance of teaching children energy-efficient living.
It is for this reason we support Green Teams in our districts.

When supporting a Green Team in a school district, we work with both the teachers and the students to implement a team approach to reducing energy consumption.

Our Green Team Initiatives

The Green Team’s primary goal is to make students, teachers, and other members of the school community aware of the importance of its energy consumption patterns. To take steps toward awareness, the Green Team organizes discussions (with students, teachers, and community members) on renewable energies and sustainable development.

In addition to this important education piece, Green Team participants can take very tangible and practical steps toward reducing energy consumption by proposing measures for energy saving in the school and homes.

This combination of education and action leads to better understanding of energy consumption, energy cost savings for the district (and some homes), and real change that is beneficial to the environment.

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Energy Optimizers, USA is proud to offer funding to support Green Teams.
We provide stipends for teachers as well as funds for materials teachers can use to create Green Team-appropriate lessons for their district.

To support and reward student efforts toward reducing energy consumption, we also provide scholarships for seniors involved with Green Teams.

Finally, we fund initiatives that support energy-saving behavior that could result in up to 10% savings.

Covered Projects

We are pleased to provide funding for energy-saving initiatives. Do you think you have a project that qualifies? Here’s a sample of the types of initiatives we fund:

  • Designing campaigns to promote energy saving attitudes
  • District energy management and sustainability plan
  • District recycling
  • Zero-waste cafeteria
Do you have an idea for an energy-saving initiative? Are you interested in creating a Green Team at your school?

If so, contact us today at (937) 877-1919 to find out details about this program that can slash thousands of dollars per month from your district energy expenses.

In addition to energy savings, you’ll provide learning opportunities and leadership development for your students through the education and awareness programs created and managed by your school’s Green Team.

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