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What Are The Benefits of an Energy Saving Project?

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Energy costs are typically one of the highest for any operation, from factories and superstores, to schools and hospitals. If you want to lower your operating costs, and pad your budget with some extra savings, then one of the best ways to do that is by undertaking an energy saving project. Whether it’s getting more efficient lighting, or upgrading your appliances to more energy efficient ones, the changes you make are going to have immediate effects on your monthly bills.

Of course, that won’t be the only thing these projects affect. Which is why, when it comes to energy-saving projects, it’s important to step back and look beyond the immediate impact to how the ripples are going to spread out.

Your Energy Saving Project Can Have Surprisingly Far-Reaching Effects

When you look at the potential changes an efficiency or energy-saving project can have, the first thing you ask is how will it change your bills? How much less will you be paying every month based on your current system? How long will those decreased costs take to compensate for the cost of the upgrade?

Those are definitely valid questions, but they’re not the only ones you should be asking in this situation. Some of those other questions are:

  • How will this project stimulate our local economy?
  • What could we direct the funds we’re saving toward next, in terms of new projects, staff, etc.?
  • Can we use this project to solidify a working relationship with a new supplier, or another business?
  • What will this project do for the public image of our company? Will it make us look green, fiscally responsible, or both?

These are just a handful of the considerations you should keep in mind when it comes to how an energy-saving project can affect your business. And if you’re an enterprise that’s publicly run (such as a school, government office building, police station, or something similar), then you also need to ask what the public’s opinion is regarding the project. Additionally, ask how much you could save the people funding your operation by being more frugal with your energy costs.

There Are Always Ripples When It Comes To Your Energy Use

Every decision you make as an organization regarding your energy use is going to have an effect. If you upgrade all at once, for example, you’re going to have a lot of up-front costs. These include the new lighting system, new appliances, or whatever other steps you’re taking. However, you’ll see an immediate decrease in your energy use costs. A gradual upgrade spreads out the up-front costs for new equipment, but also prolongs your energy use; stepping it down gradually instead of dropping your bills all at once.

However, there is another question that a lot of companies and organizations simply don’t ask. What happens if you don’t take the necessary steps to save energy? Because that decision also has more effects than you might think.

Your costs may stay the same if you don’t embark on an energy-saving project, but what could that negatively effect? Are any of your existing systems or appliances old enough that when they break down getting replacement parts is expensive, or outright impossible? Will it negatively impact the perception of your company? That you’re not trying to better yourself in terms of resource usage? How much money will you lose over time because you took no steps to upgrade your current setups and systems?

These are all questions you need to think about the next time you look at your utility costs, because the number on the page is only part of the story. If you’re looking for answers, as well as ways you can start saving energy today, simply contact us today!

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