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Carroll Catholic High School and Energy Optimizers, USA Implement Energy Conservation Projects


12-0710-enoptimz_72dpiDAYTON, Ohio (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Matthew Sableski, Principal at Carroll Catholic High School announced that the school will be implementing energy conservation projects to reduce energy usage and cost and save money. Energy Optimizers, USA will be working with the school to develop complete turn-key energy conservation solutions.

Energy Savings for Carroll Catholic High School:

Energy Optimizers, USA has designed Carroll Catholic High School to include significant energy conservation projects producing a net cash flow of $33,545 a year! The project, with a little over an 8 year payback, will reduce the annual CO2 emissions by 359,245 pounds. The annual environmental impact will be the equivalent of removing 47 cars, saving 72 acres of trees, or removing almost 15 houses from the grid.

The $303,855 project will consist of lighting retrofits, aesthetically pleasing classroom light fixtures, a 94 percent efficient boiler that replaces a 45-year-old inefficient unit, a web-based boiler control system that enables off-hour setback of temperature, improved HVAC controls, and miscellaneous repairs to thermostats and such. Energy Optimizers, USA will be working closely with Lighting Optimizers, USA to complete the project.

Matt Sableski stated, “Catholic social teaching calls us to care of the earth and be good stewards of the planet. This project is an outward sign of practicing what we preach. Additionally, with the rising costs of Catholic education, we are always looking for ways to keep tuition costs down. With the guaranteed savings program, we are saving our families money right away. Carroll High School is very excited to be the first school in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to implement an energy conservation project of this scope!”

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