632 E. First Street, Dayton, OH 45402

Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center

Springfield, OH

Project Cost:   $897,020
Annual Savings:   $101,314
Positive Annual Cash Flow:   $27,509
Simple Payback:   8.66 years
Energy And Environmental Savings:
  • Electrical Savings – 544,988 kWh
  • Fuel Savings – 1,729 MMBtu
  • Cars Taken off the Road – 139
  • Acres of Trees – 212
Project Scope:
  • Career-Focused Energy Education Program
  • Boiler Upgrades
  • Controls Enhancements
  • Rainwater Harvesting System
  • Cooling Tower Optimization

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“We are excited about this project, and not just because it’s going to allow us to direct more dollars to programming that benefits our students. Our partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA is turning our actual buildings into a demonstration project where students can see first-hand the array of careers that are available to them in STEM-based, and more specifically energy management, fields.”

Rick Smith
Springfield-Clark CTC