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In 2019, the Franklin Local School District completed a district-wide lighting upgrade in partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA, our school district was projected to save more than $52,000 annually. In the first eight months after completion of the project, the District had already seen a savings of over $60,000 on our electric bills compared to the prior year electric bills.

Energy Optimizers, USA, replaced all interior lighting in the district’s five schools with energy­-efficient LED lighting. Because the new LEDs will last five to six times longer than the district’s current lighting systems, the district is also saving on operations and maintenance costs. These relatively simple but highly effective enhancements will not only benefit our bottom line, they will give a boost to our learning environments as well.

We utilized the LED Lighting and Energy Savings Program through the Ohio Council of Educational Purchasing Consortia (OCEPC) to fund the project. This program enabled us to make these cost-cutting improvements at no additional expense to taxpayers while ensuring the best possible pricing. The District’s projected savings have also been put aside to help pay off debt early thus further savings the taxpayers more money.

We had a very positive experience with the Energy Optimizers, USA team and recommend them to other organizations who are considering any energy savings project. Their entire team was professional and respectful of the learning environment while on site, and the project went very well.

~Scott Paul
-  Treasurer, Franklin Local School District

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