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Fifteen Positive Things that Happen After an Energy Efficiency Upgrade

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With energy efficiency becoming an increasingly hot-button topic, many schools find themselves inching closer to taking the plunge and dropping some cash to help their campuses become more eco-friendly. What many don’t know, however, is that opting for energy efficient solutions in schools does a lot more good than just cutting costs or helping out the environment. Everybody benefits from energy efficient solutions.

One For the Kids

When schools make strides to become more energy efficient, they also provide their students with a better, healthier learning environment. Getting more eco-friendly systems into place can help the kids who attend school more than you might think.

A decision to upgrade to LED lighting, for example, can impact student performance and behavior. LED lights reduce issues associated with traditional lighting solutions like glare and flickering. For some children, these seemingly innocuous issues can result in vision problems; and many students with Autism have been shown to be exceptionally sensitive to flickering light.

Once these annoyances are out of the picture, students can focus, get concentrated, and may exhibit improved mood and behavior.

Two For the Teachers

Anything that helps kids focus and perform better is going to help teachers do their jobs. When instructors work in a healthy and productive environment, they’re able to provide a more well-rounded and beneficial education for their students. They’re also likely to work with more motivation.

Some teachers also elect to use a school’s increasing awareness of energy efficiency as a springboard into curriculum. Not only do teachers and kids benefit from the tangible rewards of going green — but teachers also get an extra opportunity to teach their students valuable lessons that they’ll carry with them through the rest of their lives.

Two For Everybody

Working energy efficient technology into a school makes school grounds safer for everybody. When HVAC systems are upgraded, for example, air quality is improved; that’s a clear benefit for anybody who’s regularly inside of school buildings.

Even quick and easy fixes, like swapping out old lights for LEDs, can help improve campus safety. Teachers, parents, students, and other faculty alike can all feel safer walking to and from their vehicles if parking lots feature bright and consistent LED lighting.

Five For the Facilities

When a school chooses to implement energy efficient solutions, it’s really about benefiting the people inside of it. A facility may look shiny and new when it’s outfitted with brand-new fixtures, but looks fade; the benefits to be had from going green will continue to impact those who are on the ground inside of that school for decades to come.

Some of the more tangible benefits of adopting an energy efficient setup include:

  • Increased ease of facility management tasks
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Healthier environment

Beyond benefits such as these, schools who place emphasis on energy efficiency often receive positive attention — be it from the press, the community, or local businesses. States who have a vested interested in energy efficiency may even prompt government or other high-ranking officials to get involved with recognition; and that goes a long way.

Five For the Community

In the average K-12 budget, the only cost higher than that of energy is relegated to personnel. Studies have shown that when schools decide to take on an energy efficient face-lift, they may be able to recoup as much as 25% of their energy costs — that amounts to a sizable lump of cash.

Savings like these benefit the school and its staff, but they can also benefit the community further:

  • Extra funds can be used to purchase materials (building, learning, etc.) from local suppliers
  • Reduced costs for schools means that districts can operate with less money in the bank
    • Operating efficiently with less money translates to schools not needing to collect as much money in taxes
    • To the American taxpayer, paying less in taxes means more money in-pocket

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