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Spencerville Local Schools expects to save more than $51,000 annually through project with Energy Optimizers, USA


Spencerville Local Schools is partnering with Energy Optimizers, USA, to upgrade its lighting systems to LEDs, a move that is expected to save the district more than $51,000 annually.

Energy Optimizers, USA, is upgrading the interior and exterior lighting systems in both the district’s K-12 and administrative buildings to the more highly efficient LEDs. The lighting uses an average of 60 percent less energy than the systems being replaced. LEDs can last up to 20 years, which translates into a measurable reduction in maintenance and equipment costs.

LED lighting also offers a quality of light that is very close to natural sunlight, which creates a more comfortable environment for reading. And because it does not have the hum and flicker associated with fluorescent lighting, it is an ideal lighting system for special needs classrooms.

“This is great news for our students and our community,” said Spencerville Superintendent Dennis Fuge. “We are going to significantly cut our energy costs and improve our learning environments essentially overnight, and we are going to do it all without cost to our local taxpayers.”

The majority of the work will be funded through the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission’s House Bill 264 program, enabling the district to make these cost-cutting improvements at no expense to taxpayers while ensuring the guaranteed savings of the project are met or exceeded.

The energy saved will be equivalent to removing 78 cars off the road or preserving 119 acres of trees.

Students will also benefit from the creation of a “Green Team.” The partnership also includes developing a district-wide Energy Education & Awareness Program that will involve students, staff and the community in developing, promoting and implementing numerous energy savings and sustainability programs throughout the district – such as recycling, creating a district-wide energy management program and integrating educational materials into the classrooms that will assist the teachers in educating the students on energy and the environment – while being aligned with the state testing standards.

The district Green Team will also include scholarships for participating students.

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