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Energy Optimizers, USA, receives AEP Most Savings Achieved in 2016 award


AEP Ohio has granted Energy Optimizers, USA, the Most Savings Achieved in 2016 award for the company’s outstanding performance and contributions to AEP Ohio’s energy efficiency programs.As a member of AEP’s Solution Provider Network, Energy Optimizers, USA, assists AEP Ohio business customers with making energy management upgrades and applying for incentives. Energy Optimizers, USA, uses AEP’s prescriptive programs – including energy efficient upgrades to lighting, HVAC systems and refrigeration – along with the company’s custom programs to achieve maximum rebate funds.

In 2016, those rebates added up to $550,000 for 45 AEP customers. The company’s innovative solutions enabled its clients to realize more than 5 million kilowatt hours in energy savings.

“We are proud to be such a highly-recognized member of the AEP Solution Provider Network,” said a representative of Energy Optimizers, USA. “Our clients are largely funded by local and state tax dollars. We strive to make it easy for them to not only invest in the future with cost-cutting energy improvements, but to also benefit from all available tax incentives and rebate programs.”

“This award confirms that our efforts are paying off where it counts – for our clients and their taxpayers,” they added.

The customer outreach manager for Energy Optimizers, USA, noted that for many clients, the utility incentives make a program financially feasible.

“Energy efficiency offers a boost to the bottom line by reducing both immediate and long-term operational costs,” the representative said. “Incentives like those offered by AEP make it easier for our clients to gain those bottom-line benefits by reducing the overall payback period. With the program in place, they can then realize all the nonfinancial rewards, such as serving as energy conservation leaders in their communities.”

This is the first time that Energy Optimizers, USA, has received the award.

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