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The Springfield Local School District recently implemented a House Bill 264 energy efficiency project with Energy Optimizers, USA.
The project started in the summer of 2017 and included upgrading the district’s interior and exterior lighting, boilers and boiler controls, and kitchen equipment with more energy efficient systems. In addition, Energy Optimizers, USA will provide a three-year energy management and monitoring service agreement to ensure that systems are running as efficiently as possible. This project is expected to yield a guaranteed savings of more than $82,000 annually.
The partnership includes developing a district-wide Energy Education & Awareness Program that will include the participation of students, staff and the community in developing, promoting and implementing numerous energy savings and sustainability programs throughout the district while being aligned with the state testing standards.
The Energy Optimizers, USA team has worked closely with our staff throughout the entire project, and we are very pleased with the results.
I highly recommend Energy Optimizers, USA as a provider of energy efficiency services, including LED lighting retrofits. Read more…

~Chuck Sincere
-  Superintendent, Springfield Local Schools

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